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Inspired by the outdoors, we make immersive online workshops with field-tested photographers.
Inspired by the outdoors, we make immersive online workshops with field-tested photographers.

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Very in depth
Lane Cunningham
Was a great workshop, Alex dove deep into so many fine details you don't find one youtube video of people explaining how they run their photography business, etc. I originally listened to this once through over the course of a week or so during my gym time to get foundations and then rewatched it properly sitting down and taking notes to really absorb it all. There is so much information that you really need to sit and engage with the course and watch the videos and examples, like most things you will get out what you put into this, everything is there you just need to learn and execute.
The Best Workshop I Ever Took!
Romain Dancre
Simply incredible! Finn is a superb teacher and explains in real-time, in real conditions how he is thinking and what he is going to do. His approach to storytelling is incredibly precise and inspiring and I couldn't recommend this workshop enough! It just draws you out of all the posts you can see everywhere to center you and your ideas into the stories that truly matter!
Incredibly inspiring
Clarisse Thoisy
I truly enjoyed this workshop by Alex Strohl. I am super pumped and inspired to start editing my own photos and to get out there and create new sets that tell a story. Thanks Alex for your beautiful energy and passion that are highly contagious. A lot of great tips and information in here too. I highly recommend.
Valuable knowledge from a professional
Zach Hand
The information given throughout this workshop was tremendously helpful. The best part about this specific one was how Isaac was so straight forward with his approach, with him even showing an exact conversation he had with a brand he was approaching. It’s easy enough for someone to say how to do something, but it’s much better for me personally to be able to see how someone went about doing so. This was exactly that. I saw his approach with a company, and I now can use similar tactics to approach companies that I would like to connect with. All in all great content, and lots learned! Would highly recommend this workshop.
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Gnar with Burkard
Chris Doyle
I really enjoyed hearing what Chris had to say. His story is one of hard work and commitment to craft. This course provided me with the insight I need to make strides within my own practice. Chris' easy going nature coupled with his passion for his work enables him to be an excellent educator from start to finish! I appreciate having the opportunity to lear from one of the best in the business!
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Inspiring and allround workshop
Roderick van Klink
First of all I am really happy that I purchased this workshop. It gave me so much useful information. The workshop is broad and touches all the aspects of photography. On the other hand it gives you a lot of detailed information that other workshops or online courses lack. Like many others I loved the ‘in the field chapters’. Next to those chapters I liked the chapters where Alex did post adjustments, not only because of the photoshop skills, but also for the way Alex looks at the image, the composition, the colors, etc. Alex is a good storyteller and you can see that in this workshop. His explanation of things is useful, clear and inspiring. IG @roderickvanklink
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If learned so much and it is truly an amazing workshop for all level of photographers bc Alex shows us why we all should be shooting. For fun and to express ourselves. Each module is easy to work with and the chapters make it easy to come back to it the next day. I love that it is authentic and it is just a dude showing us his methods, nothing is fake or seems just for show. Thank you Alex for such an awesome workshop IG: toribabywolf
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Wildist is a mindset
Wildist is a pursuit
Wildist is a discovery

Adv Pro - Nic Millan - Sit back and learn from the master himself

Nic Millan
Alex Strohl is not only an image curator, he is someone who lives the life and continues to improve upon every image he delivers. To be able to take a look into his life, his genius and learn from his years of experience is not only a privilege - it is a gift. Through all the photography workshops I have looked into, Alex's was the only one I was willing to pull the trigger on. He gives so much information in all the modules it becomes daunting to digest on first visit. I find myself re-visiting every chapter in order to gather the importance and value he delivers. My photography was in a limbo until I went through this course and I am so incredibly thankful for this wealth of information. Alex, you have transformed my photography and really helped me develop a style that I hope will become "timeless."

Adv Pro - Lola & Seb, Freelensers - Inspiring and human, a very unique approach of photography as art and business.

Lola & Seb, Freelensers
When we pre-ordered Alex's workshop, we knew we were about to learn a lot about photography and espcially business. As beginners in the pro wolrd of photography, everyday was a question mark. Today, we can see clearly the path in front of us. There is still a lot of work to do, of course, but he has enlightened the way. Watching his workshop from the couch and feeling how much we want to go outside, shoot, contact new clients, and just act, is the best feeling. As beginners, the most difficult part is the first step. How to start ? What do we have to do to get our first client ? How to improve our work ? So many overwhelming questions ! Not only he tought us how to go over these questions, but he also gave us the will to do it. Photography is no wonderland but evereything is possible with work and dedication. He may not be the best speaker in the world, but he speaks true to us. The way he explains things is very clear, sincere and simple, and this is why we really appreciated watching his workshop. He talks about a lot of small things that actually make the difference. How attention to details is key. How being a good human makes you a good entrepreneur and someone any brands would enjoy working with. Obvious ? Not to everyone. That's why his approach is unique and very interesting. Thank you, Alex, for the huge amount of great advices. Hopefully, our path will cross one day to thank you in person. @freelensers https://www.freelensers.com

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Adventure Photography Pro

This workshop is everything but ordinary. Alex shares actionable guidance from years of working as a professional photographer. Learn what it takes to make iconic work.

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The Automotive Photography Workshop

Aaron Brimhall is best known for his iconic work for Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, and Volvo. In this workshop, learn from a legend as Aaron shares everything you need to know about working with car brands. From pitching, pre-production, to shooting in the field and stylistic editing – this workshop teaches you the playbook for automotive photography.

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The Ultimate Photo Storytelling Workshop

Finn has spent years creating story-driven images for clients across the globe including Apple, Burberry, and Google. In this workshop, learn how to shape an impactful narrative and create work that stands out.

Learn More

Creating Personal Projects that Lead to Commercial Work

Theron set out on his first personal project ‘This Wild Idea’ with a goal to travel to all 50 states and shoot 365 portraits of a new face he met each day along the way. His vision to create a body or work with purpose provided more career momentum than he could have imagined. Theron’s client list includes Ford, Budweiser, Samsung, Land’s End, and Mercedes-Benz. In his new workshop, learn the elements of a successful personal project and how to attract the clients you want to work with.

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Essential Outdoor Skills: Winter Edition

New to cold-weather adventures? Meet Montana-born photographer and adventurist, Isaac Johnston. Learn the outdoor winter skills you need to access new vantage points in the most restricted season. Follow Isaac on an overnight photo trip with Alex Strohl and Rod Trevino as he shares his expertise on the gear needed for subzero temps and the approach to taking impactful photographs along the way. In this new course format, enjoy a show-like experience and learn as the adventure unfolds.

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The Wildlife Photography Workshop

Charly Savely is shifting the wildlife photography industry with her artful approach that creates a connection between the animal and the viewer. Her globally recognized style has landed her client work with FOUR PAWS International, REI, Burts Bees, Marmot, and a spot on the SONY Alpha Collective team.

Learn More

The Essential Aerial Photography Workshop

Chris Burkard’s obsession with aerial photography has created defining moments in his body of work. In this workshop, learn the essential technical and creative knowledge needed to pursue the artistry of creating images from the air. This course covers in-depth research and planning, approach, essential pilot communication, gear management, and composition. All the necessary elements to make sure your flight investment provides you with opportunity to create work you are proud of.

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The Business of Photography

Looking to grow a meaningful photography business? Join Chris Burkard as he shares over a decade of experience on where to invest your time and energy. Whether you are a curious hobbyist or skilled entrepreneur, this course provides actionable steps to breathe life into your photography business.

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