Adding Aesthetic with Atmospherics
Follow along as Aaron utilizes atmospherics to enhance the shot. In the daytime a fog machine is used to set the vibe, and later on as the day fades watch him use Titan Tubes to light-paint the the Porsche and color the scene.
The Automotive Photography Workshop
Aaron Brimhall is best known for his iconic work for Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, and Volvo. In this workshop, learn from a legend as Aaron shares everything you need to know about working with car brands. From pitching, pre-production, to shooting in the field and stylistic editing – this workshop teaches you the playbook for automotive photography.
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About the Filmmaker
About the Instructor
Aaron Brimhall
Aaron best known for his high action shots and motorcycle imagery. He has worked with high profile clients such as Land Rover, VISA, Toyota, and Urban Outfitters.
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