Assignment: Planning Your Project
In this last assignment of Part 1 of the workshop, RJ gives you some final words of encouragement and tasks you with planning your film. You will then take this plan to bring your film to life in Part 2 of the workshop, Production, and finally seeing it come full circle in Part 3 of the workshop, Editing. The final result will be a film that you have produced, shot, and edited by the end of this workshop. Additionally, RJ will be hosting a live Q&A for all students to help work out any problems they are facing in the pre-production stages, helping to ensure your film is as strong as possible from the beginning.
The Cinematic Filmmaking Workshop
Join RJ Bruni for a 3-part workshop intensive designed for you to walk away with your own compelling short film. Learn the essential elements to build your vision – then bring it to life through pre-pro, production, and post.
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About the Filmmaker
About the Instructor
RJ Bruni
RJ is a commercial and documentary director based out of the mountains of British Columbia. His timely passion with both art and adventure set roots for what RJ continues to pursue to this day and crafted his raw emotive style that sets him apart. At the early age of 17, RJ co-founded a production company, Inmist, where he has continued to serve as a director since that time. His work with Inmist had brought him opportunities to direct for some of the world’s largest brands such as Land Rover, GMC, Canon, and more. Aside from his commercial work RJ has continued to pursue documentary projects telling both stories around the world and back home to the mountains of British Columbia to document the people closest to him. RJ believes that, as an artist, there is a responsibility to document truthfully, leaving something behind. Leaving the world with experience, wisdom, and inspiration. Daily, RJ continues to live by the words “content but not satisfied” letting that mantra guide his work, play, and relationships.
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