Keys To A Fulfilling Photo Career
By now I think we all know that being successful in photography takes much more than being a very good photographer. We all wish that we could just go out everyday, make photos we love and that people will line up at the door to buy our prints, talk about us on the press and hire us for massive campaigns. That couldn't be further from reality. Learn what to prioritize on.
Adventure Photography Pro
This workshop is everything but ordinary. Alex shares actionable guidance from years of working as a professional photographer. Learn what it takes to make iconic work.
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About the Filmmaker
About the Instructor
Alex Strohl
Taking a look at Alex Strohl’s work, and you’ll consistently find one thing: his photos make you feel something. And whatever this something may be for you — awe, grandeur, perspective, joy — each photo is created with intention. You can find him in remote corners of the world with capturing photos – blurring the lines of work and life.
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