In the Field: Light & Settings
Embarking on the hike to Mt Cheam, Taylor starts laying the groundwork for your photography skills in the workshop. Beginning with aperture, Taylor shows you how adjusting it can change your depth of field, evoking a much different feeling to the image. He then walks through shooting in RAW over JPEG, white balance settings, bracketing, and the advantages of the major camera modes and when to use each. As an added bonus, Taylor’s camera monitor is recorded so that you can see every capture in real time as he makes adjustments to get the shot.
The Landscape Photography Workshop
The ultimate playbook for creative composition and outdoor photography. Join Taylor Burk for a deep-dive into the 101 of Landscape Photography. Whether aspiring or experienced, this workshop takes you on a journey to elevate your photography.
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About the Filmmaker
About the Instructor
Taylor Burk
Taylor Burk is landscape and adventure travel photographer based out of British Columbia. Select clients include Backpacker Magazine, Travel & Leisure, Men’s Journal, The North Face,, Tourism Canada, and Samsung Mobile.
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