The River: Kayak, Underwater, and Drone
Slow down and learn how Alex approaches a solo sunset shoot, without any subjects. Learn how taking your time and following your gut will lead to a sense of enhanced awareness where you start noticing things you would have missed before. Includes: - Self Reliance - Shooting Without a Plan - Underwater Photography
The Summer Photography Workshop
Summer is almost upon us and the idea of returning to the sun, sea, and mountains gives us hope for what’s next. We are bringing back one of our bestselling workshops on summer photography. Be ready to tackle the best season to make photos outside with the ultimate how-to by Alex Strohl.
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About the Filmmaker
About the Instructor
Alex Strohl
Taking a look at Alex Strohl’s work, and you’ll consistently find one thing: his photos make you feel something. And whatever this something may be for you — awe, grandeur, perspective, joy — each photo is created with intention. You can find him in remote corners of the world with capturing photos – blurring the lines of work and life.
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