Van Details: Storage
Quin lays out his approach for designing his layouts with storage in mind, and the surprising reasons why you need to be very conscious of having too much or too little storage in your van. Using his own van as an example, Quin talks about how he takes time to design each compartment of the van for a specific purpose.
The Van Life Workshop: Getting Started
New to van life? Meet Quin Schrock – lifestyle photographer and Wildist’s resident van expert. In this workshop, Quin takes years of experience living in a van to help guide you to determine what you want out of van life and how to get there. The more miles you travel, the more you see and capture.
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About the Filmmaker
About the Instructor
Quin Schrock
Quin Schrock is an adventure and lifestyle photographer based out of Southern California and Oahu. Quin’s distinct photographic style captures the intrepid human spirit engaging with diverse, remote, and off the beaten path landscapes.
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