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Assignments to spur creativity,
build your skills, share your work
(and win prizes from rad brands).
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Without deadlines or assignments – aspirations, goals, and work often go unfinished. We are firm believers that you have to do the work to get the work. Let these assignments inspire you, pressure you, and push you to advance your craft. Camera-in-hand, creating new images, expanding boundaries - this is how we grow.
How it works
Read the details of your assignment
Strategize, shoot, edit, and submit
Share your photo link to increase your votes. Cross your fingers for the grand prize!
Each assignment will be on a new topic outlined in the assignment brief. You will then have two weeks to go out  - or stay in, shoot, edit, and submit before the deadline. Once you submit your photo, you can share your link to increase votes. At the end of the assignment, one lucky photographer takes home the prize.
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Assignment 01
Capturing Blue Hour
With Prizing from Arcteryx
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