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Capturing an Environmental Portrait
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As photographers, we are visual storytellers. Capturing emotion and authenticity of the characters within your stories is paramount to developing connection between your audience and subject. Environmental portraiture as the name suggests is all about capturing characters in their natural environment.

Whether that be in their workplace: a chef in their kitchen, a mechanic in the shop, a logger in the forest, a guide in the mountains or someone's place of passion: a climber on a peak, a hiker on trail or at a viewpoint, a mountain biker at the bottom of some epic single track, a surfer in the ocean etc. As photographers we’re surrounded by endless characters and endless stories - it’s your job to get out and seek them. Capturing someone’s raw authenticity, their joy, their passion or life’s work is a beautiful honor. Doing it well is an art. Regardless of the portfolio you’re building, well thought out portraits add an authentic and intimate aspect to your work opening a whole new world for you to convey good stories. For this assignment get out and take an environmental portrait.

What You
Can Win
Men's Prize: 66N Snæfell Shell Jacket
Women's Prize: 66N Snæfell Shell Jacket
About 66°North
66°North is an Icelandic based outdoor apparel company founded in 1926. Originally making protective clothing for Icelandic fishermen and working braving the North Atlantic elements. Today the company makes functional clothing without compromise for all kinds of outdoor activity. Fishermen‘s and workwear clothing is still a fundamental element in the operation but now there is much wider selection of protective clothing for all occasions than in the beginning of the company. 66°North has provided the Icelandic search and rescue team with protective clothing since 1928. This successful collaboration traces the evolution of outdoor clothing; from anoraks made from oil-borne canvas to the award winning Snæfell Jacket, made with revolutionary synthetic materials.
Some Pro Tips
For You
  • Don’t rush the process, doing so can make anyone feel uncomfortable and rushed. This discomfort removes authenticity and emotion. Making your subject feel comfortable, at ease, and directing them without forcing them is key.
  • A friend or family member is oftentimes the easiest person to persuade and practice taking portraits of.
  • Try to avoid a wide angle lens (wider than 35mm) when getting close to a subject as distortion will create an unnatural look, 50mm is closest to the human eye and in many instances a perfect focal length.
  • Portrait shot types to consider: medium, medium close, close-up. Medium shots are far enough back from your character to show the environment's context. Medium close is a bit tighter filling your frame with the character but still showing the environment. Close-up shots fill the frame completely with your character or details of the character (their watch, hands, clothing etc).
  • Engagement is often lower on social media with medium close and close-up shots because it can be difficult to grasp the larger story from a single image. There is no arguing that landscape/adventure imagery oftentimes draws the viewer in on IG. It is hard for an audience to understand the importance of your portrait without supporting imagery or a caption. Don’t let this deter you - proper storytelling and character development through portraits is so important in photography. Portraits on your website, in your portfolio, and for a client are hugely valuable in creating depth and emotion in your work.
What our team is
looking for
A single image or two images placed together on one single image
An environmental portrait capturing someone in their place of work or place of passion
Authenticity + Emotion
Good lighting
A caption explaining the meaning of your image and how you went about capturing it
Start: Jan 12, 2021
End: Jan 26, 2021
Winner Announced:
Jan 28, 2021
Photo must adhere to the subject ‘Capturing an environmental portrait’
Photo must be your own
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Follow the link below to post your image in Wildist’s Community Forum “The Circle”. From there, you can copy the link of your photo to share out and increase votes – therefore increasing your chance of winning! Good luck.
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