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This year has been anything but normal. As we move towards 2021, this assignment is about retrospectively looking at the most important moment you captured this year. An image that moved you, one that might've made you feel hopeful or free, one that captured the complexity of these unprecedented times, or one that reminds you of the beauty that still surrounds us. Take a moment, look at your archive from the year, and submit the image that is most important to you, the one that you’re most proud of and tell us why. If you haven’t taken that image yet - you’ve got two weeks…
What You
Can Win
1st Place Price: $200 Moment Store Credit
2nd Place Price: $100 Moment Store Credit

About Moment
Moment is an online marketplace for creatives made possible by a group of photographers, filmmakers, designers, and engineers that believe the world is a better place when you get lost and follow your camera. A company that believes in embracing every moment life throws your way. The imperfect ones, the awkward ones, the unexpected ones, and the moments that are never to be found again.
Some Pro Tips
For You
Choosing just one image can be near impossible sometimes. If you haven’t already, you should continually make selects of your best work and keep those photos in a safe and organized place. Look at the best images you’ve taken in 2020, and narrow them down in groups until you have that one image that stands out and that means the most to you. Culling images (making selects) is a skill many photographers overlook, but one that is deeply important. Being able to find those stand-out images is key to workflow. Editors and clients will often need a single image at a moments notice. Show us your best.
What our team is
looking for
Your best story-driven image of 2020
Lack of image blur
A caption that explains why this image means so much to you
Start: Dec 13, 2020
End: Dec 28, 2020
Winner Announced:
Dec 30, 2020
Photo must adhere to the subject ‘Remembering the Moment’
Photo must be your own
Photo must be from 2020
How to
Follow the link below to post your image in Wildist’s Community Forum “The Circle”. From there, you can copy the link of your photo to share out and increase votes – therefore increasing your chance of winning! Good luck.
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