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Landscape Photography has the power to change the way we see the world, deepening our connection to embrace the remarkable and fragile natural environment that surrounds us.

Photographer, director, instructor, and athlete Chris Burkard has been a pioneer and leader for over a decade in landscape and adventure photography. His work has been the inspiration of countless photographers to pursue photography as a profession and to pick up their very first cameras. Through his breathtaking and timeless images, Chris has had a monumental impact on the way people see the wonders of this world. This assignment is about those wonders, about how lucky we are to live and breathe on this beautiful earth, and the moments we capture that put things into perspective. 

Share with us your most inspiring and timeless outdoor landscape or adventure image. Look through your work, your past adventures and trips, and choose an image that embodies this. If you have the time or opportunity, to get out and take a new one, all the better - you’ve got two weeks...

What You
Can Win
Men's Prize: $500 of the Chris Burkard X Adventure Division Collection
Women's Prize: $500 of the the A/DIV Collection
About Billabong A/DIV & the Burkard Collection
Billabong Adventure Division is a collection of purpose built - outdoor product. Driven by adventure and trusted by athletes in all conditions, A/DIV brings innovation and modern design to purpose built, outdoor product. The Burkard x A/DIV collaboration teams up with visual artists Luke Taaffe to come up with a range that reflects both the awesome beauty, and the fun side of adventure. Chris’s epic journeys to surf locales such as Iceland, Norway and Russia and his outdoor adventures up mountains, across deserts and wild landscapes have inspired two unique collections in the Arctic and Desert Capsules.While playful, colourful custom artwork adds fun edge to the range, for Chris, serious adventure remains at the heart of all he finds inspirational.

Some Pro Tips
For You
  • Light is Fundamental
    Shoot in the morning or evening light. Dramatic landscapes exist outside of these moments, but as a general rule, sunrise, sunset, and blue hour produce the softest and most dramatic light for landscapes. Understanding light and the effect it has on your photography is the single most important step you can take to improve your photography.
  • Use People as Perspective
    Including a human element in a landscape photo offers the viewer perspective and helps them relate to the grandeur of the setting. This approach helps the viewer physically engage with the photo by placing themselves in that frame as if they were there. It also clearly shows the scale of the landscape in comparison to the person.
  • Get Higher
    Whether that be with a drone or a plane, elevating your perspective can be the best way to photograph certain landscapes -- Chris is renowned for his aerial work, especially Icelands glacial rivers. 
  • 50 & Stitch
    You don’t need a super-wide angle lens to photograph expansive landscapes, you can do so with a 50mm prime using the 50 & Stitch technique. This technique creates wide shots that bring the background closer to the foreground with little or no distortion. It mimics the look of large format film photography, marked by a visual compression of distance.

What our team is
looking for
A timeless landscape or adventure photo
Thoughtful and dynamic composition
A caption that shares how this photo makes you feel closer to nature
Start: March 19th, 2021
End: April 2nd, 2021
Winner Announced:
April 2nd, 2021
Photo must adhere to the subject ‘Landscape Photography Inspired By Chris Burkard’
Photo must be your own
How to
Follow the link below to post your image in Wildist’s Community Forum “The Circle”. From there, you can copy the link of your photo to share out and increase votes – therefore increasing your chance of winning! Good luck.
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