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Adventure Photography Pro

Alex Strohl

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Adventure Photography Pro

Alex Strohl

Our newest workshop is designed to breathe life into your photography career. Chris Burkard teaches how to build a team, work with agents and producers, and how to raise your prices so you can actually make a living. We can't wait to it share with you!

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This workshop is everything but ordinary. Alex shares actionable guidance from years of working as a professional photographer. Learn what it takes to make iconic work.

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San Francisco, CA
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Adventure Photography Pro
This workshop is everything but ordinary. Alex shares actionable guidance from years of working as a professional photographer. Learn what it takes to make iconic work.
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When you enroll in Adventure Pro you become eligible to apply to our Wildist grant to get up to $5000 in funding to go make the project of your dreams.

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Alex Strohl
Taking a look at Alex Strohl’s work, and you’ll consistently find one thing: his photos make you feel something. And whatever this something may be for you — awe, grandeur, perspective, joy — each photo is created with intention. You can find him in remote corners of the world with capturing photos – blurring the lines of work and life.
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I was expecting a bit more for my money
Brittany App
This is so hard. I really prefer not to leave negative reviews, but I after putting money down on this course, and watching it all the way though, I was disappointed. I've been a full-time professional photographer for almost 20 years. I love and respect Chris's work, and really admire him as a human being. He's a true inspiration. Because of all that, I hopped on this course right away, in hopes that there would be some valuable tools to add to my toolbox (especially during a time when my paid photography work has all-but-vanished due to the Pandemic). But the course felt quickly-put-together, a bit disorganized, repetitive, lacking in BTS-content, and I guess most importantly, I just didn't learn much. Perhaps the course would be better suited to brand new photographers. Perhaps I didn't understand that going into it. I apologize to Chris and his team for leaving a negative review, but the course, for me, felt like a poor investment of my money and time. I hope this feedback is helpful in some way. Sending love to you all out there.
So much incredible info.
Danny Skilton
It's insane how much knowledge is packed into this one workshop. Shoutout to Chris for making all this info available. I'm super excited to start locking down a game plan for the next few years regarding my photography business.
Adam Brady
Alex’s Adventure Pro workshop is a in depth overview of all the major focuses any working or hope to be working photographer should be paying attention to. Especially for a competent photographer that may lack a robust network of professional peers to bounce ideas of off or who is looking for advice on where to start on the business side of things. There are many workshops that can get you started with a camera and editing images, but this is the best one I’ve participated in that breaks down the action steps to take those photos and start building towards a business. Plus you get access to Alex’s community of other students to start networking and making those connections you might currently lack. Alex’s conversational style and friendly demeanor make this workshop a joy to watch. It feels like you are sitting down in Alex’s living room and having a conversation with a friend about the business, rather than attending a formal course on the subject. I highly, highly recommend signing up and participating in this course and the community that comes with the price of admission!
Viktor J
I don't usually write reviews but this workshop made me say some stuff about it. From how to shoot to business helped me tremendously. I needed that kind of push to realize what do I really want to shoot. I especially enjoyed the business part even though It's kinda "boring" but I don't agree with that, I think it contains a bunch of information that helps us freelancers a ton and I'm forever grateful! Of course, I already told my friends about the workshop... they were amazed at how much information you got here. It would mean a world to me if you can just check my profile on IG :)
Brian Walker
Alex goes above and beyond providing awesome information that most other professionals wouldn't share about the business side of photography. There continues to be updated information added to the workshop and everything is easy to follow along with. Alex and his entire team are incredibly professional and helpful in answering any questions you may have. I have always found the best way to grow is to invest in yourself and this is one of the better investments I have made in myself and in my business.
Phil Hill
Alex's course takes you from start to finish on what it takes to become an adventure photographer. The business modules of the course are very helpful and provided me with some great ideas which have already worked in winning jobs with new clients. It is also great to see how he conducts his shoots and works with the athletes. I truly believe you need to invest in yourself to grow in whatever you do and i don't regret enrolling into this course for a second. Big thanks to Alex and the team
Susanne Pettersen
The best purchase I’ve done as a photographer is probably buying this workshop! It’s a perfect workshop to learn from the best about how to work as a adventure photographer. Alex covers everything on how to shoot, how the business works, editing and how to backup your work. It’s like having your own teacher at home + you have a special place in the community where you get to chat with likeminded photographers and get help from Alex if you need it. This workshop remind me why I started doing photography, and that’s to tell stories that people needs to see. Thank you for this Alex! You can follow me on Instagram, and I’ll gladly talk to you about photography ✨❤️
Jorge Carapeta
The best purchase I’ve done as an aspire outdoor and adventure photographer! Alex covers everything on how to shoot, how the photography business works, how to edit and approach a commercial shoot, and how to backup your work. And he does it on very easy way for the student to understand. Thank you, Alex, for sharing your knowledge

Workshop Curriculum




For the past seven years, I've been lucky enough to travel the world, shooting for huge brands like Apple, and Land Rover. I’ve learned quite a few things along the way - and I want to share those with you.




The number one question I get is: what camera do you shoot with? I shoot with many cameras because each one has unique characteristics that match the goal of the shoot I am doing.



Mastering Camera Settings

Let's talk about knowing your camera. As someone who wants to be a professional you need to know it inside and out, so much in fact that you don't think about it when you're using it. Just like when you drive your car.



Blue Hour, A How-To

You see a lot of outdoor photographers start packing their bags when the sun has set but they are missing out on some of the best light around. We go on location where I'll walk you through my technique for shooting blue hour.



Photos That Move Us

Alex explains that while there isn't a step-by-step recipe to making work that moves the viewer, but there are ways to propel you in the right direction.



Visual Storytelling 101

This episode sets about to give adventure photographers stronger foundations to visual storytelling so they can elevate the way they tell stories.



Endurance In A World Of Sprinting

We've all heard the old adage that 'motivation is a muscle' and although in many ways that's true, there is much more to it that we rarely hear about. Knowing how to access our inner strength for the projects that matter is a life skill that should be taught at school, but isn't. Learn how in this episode.



Keeping Your Ideas Fresh

Feeling uninspired as a creator has much to do with our mind but external events can have a huge influence on how inspired we feel. Learn strategies that the worlds most celebrated creatives use to remain fresh and inspired day after day.



Plan. Scout. Shoot.

You will love this or hate this but as an adventure photographer you need to be good at finding places and getting to them at the time. Learn how the pros do it.



Shooting More: Action Plan

In this episode I will share a 15 day action plan to get you in a habit of shooting more.



Building Your Story Arc

Take part in a specially designed exercise by Alex to understand better the things you love and build your own story arc as a creator.



Himalaya Shoot: Pre-Pro

Learn how to prepare like a pro for a day long automotive assignment in a remote area of Wyoming.



Field Day: Himalaya Defender

This episode is for outdoor photographers who've been commissioned to shoot an important automotive/action assignment. They will learn to build and interpret a brief, how to use shot types to get a variety of images and the unspoken rules for photographing cars.



Canon Shoot: Pre-Pro

Learn how to staff an entire shoot through social media. Introduce yourself to new people, get them stoked on your shoot, and build a team of people who will make you better.



Field Day: Canon USA Shoot

This episode is for photographers who have to tackle a commercial shoot where the object photographed is used not photographed. A lens. The series is very worth watching because it shows you to come up with a concept for a shoot, then staff it and scout it.



Keywords & Organizing Images

Staying organized as your photo archive grows is an essential skill. Learn how to properly keyword & organize your photos when importing them to Lightroom.



Gradients In Lightroom

Learn how to use gradients in Lightroom to subtly guide the views eye to your focal point.



Perspective Correction

It's important when shooting cars to avoid distortion commonly found in wider lenses.



HDR (Hand Held)

Sometimes when shooting hand held HDR comps you need to do a little "magic."



Commercial Grading

For some shoots you need to grade the final deliverables in a very commercial way.



Clone Stamping & Patch Tools

Learn one of the most valuable tools in Photoshop.



Moody Grading

Moody images are all the rage right now. Learn how Alex approaches grading with a bit more of an edge to it.



Export Settings

Exporting is a crucial part of photography. Alex goes over the settings he uses when exporting for mobile, web, and desktop.



Archiving & Organizing Images

Building an archive as a photographer is one of the most important things you can do. Alex demonstrates the drives and organization structure he uses.



Delivering Files to Clients

There are a few ways I deliver files to clients. I share my favorite one and show you how I make a collection.



Let's Talk Business

Now its time to talk about one of the most important things for any adventure photographer out there: Selling your ideas.



Building A Desirable Portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of our best images. It is specifically built to land you clients and publications. It is one of the hardest things to built as a photographer because it's hard for us to be very critical with our own work. Learn how to build one here.



Hot To Contact Clients

This episode is for photographers who have prepared to reach out to prospective clients or have reached out without much success. The problem is that most photographers pitch the wrong people, the wrong way and fail at it. This episode gives photographers a systematic approach to preparing their pitch and reaching out to the brand.



Prospecting: Finding Brands That Fit You

This episode addresses why and how you should pick brands that fit you to work with, then how to get their attention. The problem is that photographers want to work with brands that don't match them and waste time doing so. Then there's the problem of not knowing how to reach out to the right people.



Getting Clients To See Our Value

How do you define what your work is worth? You'll hear pros saying: my day rate is xx a day or x a day and when you're still establishing yourself as a pro, you might think: that's a lot of money! But is it? Learn how the value of what we do is determined.



Paid to Travel the World In 2020

The big question: How do you get paid to travel the world? It does sound too good to be true, the idea that someone is going to hand you money to go on a trip but these people exist, they are called Tourism Boards. Learn how to pitch them step-by-step.



The Art of Crafting Mood Boards & Treatments

As a working photographer you've probably had to build these documents; I remember the first time i had to build one I spent an hour on Google looking at some many different examples that I didn't even know where to begin. There is a lot of contradictory information on the web about this so it is my ambition to create a complete guide to building treatments and pre-pro books for adventure photographers.



Keys To A Fulfilling Photo Career

By now I think we all know that being successful in photography takes much more than being a very good photographer. We all wish that we could just go out everyday, make photos we love and that people will line up at the door to buy our prints, talk about us on the press and hire us for massive campaigns. That couldn't be further from reality. Learn what to prioritize on.



3 Things You Need To Know Before Pitching

Before you go out and pitch your big idea, we need to go over a handful of important points. Learn about Ad Agencies vs Clients, Image Licensing, and What You Really Want.



Finding Your Value Proposition

When trying to establish a value proposition, I start by looking at the problem. What is the clients problem and how are we going to solve it? Alex shares his tried and tested approach to finding your value prop an hear what his is.



Media Kit: A Walk Through

In this episode, I will walk you through my private media kit and break it down so you can understand what's really important when building yours.



How I Built My Audience

What does an iPhone 4 photo of a snow pile at blue hour has to do with Alex's journey? Hear the untold account of how Alex built his audience.



My Favorite Photographers

Alex shares a candid perspective on his favorite photographers of the recent decade.



Social Media Landscape of 2020

The scene has evolved, organic growth has dramatically slowed down, what to do to keep striving? Hear Alex's perspective in this intimate episode.



My Favorite Software

Alex gives you an in depth look at the apps and websites that he uses in his daily work.

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