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Shooting for Brands

Andrew Kearns

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Shooting for Brands

Andrew Kearns

Our newest workshop is designed to breathe life into your photography career. Chris Burkard teaches how to build a team, work with agents and producers, and how to raise your prices so you can actually make a living. We can't wait to it share with you!

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Kearn’s shifted his career as a barista to a professional photographer and in a few short years landed work with Apple, Landrover, and TOMS. In this workshop, he teaches you how to master the steps to pitch, secure and execute commercial shoots.

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San Francisco, CA
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Shooting for Brands
Kearn’s shifted his career as a barista to a professional photographer and in a few short years landed work with Apple, Landrover, and TOMS. In this workshop, he teaches you how to master the steps to pitch, secure and execute commercial shoots.
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17 Episodes filmed on the Olympic Peninsula


How to pitch brands and execute a commercial shoot

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Andrew Kearns
I want to break away from that & share what I’m about. I live in Washington, it’s probably raining as you read this, but if it’s not you can find me out in nature. If you don’t find me there, my b - I’m probably reading - I love reading (& writing).
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I was expecting a bit more for my money
Brittany App
This is so hard. I really prefer not to leave negative reviews, but I after putting money down on this course, and watching it all the way though, I was disappointed. I've been a full-time professional photographer for almost 20 years. I love and respect Chris's work, and really admire him as a human being. He's a true inspiration. Because of all that, I hopped on this course right away, in hopes that there would be some valuable tools to add to my toolbox (especially during a time when my paid photography work has all-but-vanished due to the Pandemic). But the course felt quickly-put-together, a bit disorganized, repetitive, lacking in BTS-content, and I guess most importantly, I just didn't learn much. Perhaps the course would be better suited to brand new photographers. Perhaps I didn't understand that going into it. I apologize to Chris and his team for leaving a negative review, but the course, for me, felt like a poor investment of my money and time. I hope this feedback is helpful in some way. Sending love to you all out there.
So much incredible info.
Danny Skilton
It's insane how much knowledge is packed into this one workshop. Shoutout to Chris for making all this info available. I'm super excited to start locking down a game plan for the next few years regarding my photography business.
Motivational and Valuable
Leningrad Sta Maria
Andrew's minimalistic approach in photography was refreshing to hear. One can be efficient and a master to their craft without needing x amount of gear. The workshop offers everything you need to be inspired and gives you the confidence to work in the field. Whether you are a beginner or professional in the field, what this workshop does not fail to demostrate is VALUE. 100% you will take something away from this workshop. Thank you, Mr. Teakman IG: Leningradstamaria
Great value!
Dale Boettcher
I pre-ordered Andrew’s workshop and it was fantastic. His break down on how he likes to pitch to clients was exactly the kind of guidance that I was looking for. Instagram: @DaleBoettcher
Just in Time
Marcos Rivas
This was my first workshop ever and I watched it hoping to invest in who I am as a photographer. I’ve loved photography for so long and I’ve gained a couple clients throughout the past years that have reached out to me, but I’ve never been sure how to reach out to the brands and clients I want to work with. This workshop was the confidence boost I needed to put me on the right path. Being able to get an inside look on how to pitch to clients, from somebody I would consider a professional photographer, really opened up my eyes to something I had never seen before. I loved the workshop and I couldn’t stop watching. Not only that, but the PDF really allowed me break it down and have a wider overview overall. This workshop showed up just in time as I’m ready to move forward into taking photography more seriously. I’m certain this workshop will follow me through out my future and I know I can always come back to reflect on the knowledge and experience that was shared here. Instagram: @marcoserivas
Great inspiration
Andzelika Barzyk
What I loved about the story of Andrew is that he proved that you can become an extraordinary photographer without having university degree in Photography. You can learn a lot by yourself. And become a master. He really inspired me showing that in couple of years time he started to work for the world best known brands. The course is very intresting and I Ioved to learn the precise approach you need to pitch to brands.
Great for new photographers!
Melvin Castillo
Honestly it’s a great workshop for new photographers. His idea of a PDF to give to companies was my favorite part. The fact that he said to “show companies who you are besides telling them” is something I will use forever. The editing part was cool to see also. Overall great work putting this together! Highly recommend!! Insta: @melvstone
Talking to models
Benny Bystrom
I found that the talking-to-models module was very helpful. Especially hearing insight from both the model and Andrew.

Workshop Curriculum



My Story

Meet Andrew Kearns and his story of perseverance that landed him photography projects with some of the world’s largest brands.



Workshop Overview

Andrew walks you through each step of the workshop and how he will approach his commercial shoot with P’alante.




Andrew shares it all while he dissects his backpack, sling, and go-to gear he brings on a shoot.



Pitching A Client

Learn how Andrew initiates conversation and packages his value, work, and ideas into a PDF for a brand. Watch him build out this approach firsthand for client, P’alante.



Pre-Pro Planning

Learn Andrew's approach to scouting and planning an upcoming shoot.



Scouting A Location

Join Andrew as he walks us through how he scouts a location for a shoot.



Shooting Story Shots

Watch Andrew get supporting narrative shots for our assignment.



Tips for Talking to Models

Sonora, one of Andrew's models, shares a few invaluable tips on how to direct and talk with models.



Shooting Product Photos

Follow along as Andrew continues shooting the assignment, now focusing more on product shots.



Shooting Sunset

We finish out the shoot building a fire at sunset on the beach.



Editing 1

Learn the best keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom, ways to optimize your layout, and how Andrew uses Photo Mechanic before going into Lightroom.



Editing 2

Andrew shares how he edits one of the hero product photos from the shot.



Editing 3

Andrew demonstrates how to make a panorama, fill in area's you may have missed, and how he goes "all-in" on an image.



VSCO Editing

Some photos don't need the full Lightroom & Photoshop treatment. Andrew shares his approach to quick & easy mobile editing.



Photo Book & Expanding Photography

Andrew shares the process behind his new photo book, and the ways he likes to take photography outside the traditional borders.



Wisdom Nuggets & Knowledge Bombs

Andrew shares some of his philosophies towards professional life, money management, and long-term creative sustainment.



Andrew & Alex Talk Creativity

Andrew and Alex talk freelance life and how to take it to the next level.

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