Brand New
The Business of Photography

Chris Burkard

Breathe life into your photography business.

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The Business of Photography
Brand New

Chris Burkard

Our newest workshop is designed to breathe life into your photography career. Chris Burkard teaches how to build a team, work with agents and producers, and how to raise your prices so you can actually make a living. We can't wait to it share with you!

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Looking to grow a meaningful photography business? Join Chris Burkard as he shares over a decade of experience on where to invest your time and energy. Whether you are a curious hobbyist or skilled entrepreneur, this course provides actionable steps to breathe life into your photography business.

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Brand New
The Business of Photography
Looking to grow a meaningful photography business? Join Chris Burkard as he shares over a decade of experience on where to invest your time and energy. Whether you are a curious hobbyist or skilled entrepreneur, this course provides actionable steps to breathe life into your photography business.
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How to breathe life into your business.


Never-shared-before insights and stories.


A transparent look at how Chris runs his business.

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What You'll Learn

  • When to grow your business and how
  • How to find new work and diversify your revenue streams
  • Working with an agent, rep, or producer
  • Marketing strategies for the modern day photographer
  • How to recession-proof and pandemic-proof your business  
  • The benefits of creating personal projects
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Chris Burkard
Chris Burkard is an American photographer and artist, based in the California Central Coast region. He photographs landscape, lifestyle, surf, outdoor, and travel subjects. Burkard takes a photojournalistic approach to make editorial projects, using multiple media. He uses natural light to capture humanizing moments.
Meet Your Instructor

Students give this workshop an
average of 4.8 out of 5 stars

Skeptical... but wow!
David Johnston
I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical about this course. I knew Chris Burkard’s story, and I have been a professional photographer for a couple of years making a good stream of income. How much more could I really learn? Apparently a lot. After watching the entire course I had so many new ideas about how to improve my photography business, when I expand, and even thoughts on getting representation. This course is beneficial if you’re brand new to photography and want to start a business, or if you need some new business ideas after you feel like things are a little stale. 5 stars all the way.
How to tell a story with images
I’ve bought some workshop here, but just let me say that this is the best for me. I was searching for something that fit my way to live the photography, a way to emphasize my skill without the necessity to travel the world to say something. Finn opened my mind with simple topics, a proper way to see photography. I’ve learned how to tell a story, now it’s up to me to build my own story. Thank you a lot Finn and Alex for this possibility!
Highly educational
Oswaldo Martinez
I would 100% recommend this guide to fellow creators and even non-creators. There's a great deal of relevant, accurate information, especially with everything going on in the world at the moment. And there's many great takeaways that we can all apply to keep learning and being better in what we do and in our lives.
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Workshop Curriculum



Meet Chris Burkard

Chris takes you on a driving tour of his old studio spaces to share the evolution of his career and team.



Introduction to Starting a Photography Business

Chris goes over the foundations of what it takes to start a photography business and what will be covered in this workshop.



Hiring Your First Employee as a Photography Entrepreneur

Expanding and hiring a team can take your business to the next level. Chris goes over how he built his team, the first steps you can take, and when it might be the right time to expand.



Building A Team to Expand & Grow Photography Business

Chris explains how his team helps him operate on a level far higher than what he'd be able to achieve as a solo-operator. He goes through the different roles, how he found his team, and how he manages.



How to Make Money as A Photographer

Diversifying your revenue streams can support in recession proofing your business. Chris provides in an-depth look into 6 different streams of revenue.



Describing the Roles of Photography Agents & Reps and When to Get One

Agents & Reps can increase productivity, revenue, and streamline communication with your clients. Chris goes over what each one does, when it's time to get one, and how to get find the right fit.



Working with Photography Producers & Why They’re Important

Chris interviews his longtime friend and producer to get a behind the scenes look at how a photographer works with their producer.



When Photographers Should Get an Agent

Chris goes over when it becomes essential to have an agent: when you are leaving money on the table. Chris shares a story where he left hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table because he didn't know how to negotiate.



Knowing Your Value as a Professional Photographer

Getting what your worth is important for your career. Chris gives insights and tips to gauge how much to charge for projects, and how to increase your rates over time.



Personal Project: The Photographer's Guide to Sticking to Your Mission Statement

The personal project can be a very useful tool to progressing your career. You need to capitalize on the good times to create them. Chris breaks down his favorite personal projects and how they've helped his career.



Q&A's With Chris

Chris answers your questions from social media and answers the biggest question left of the workshop: will he share Brea's bread recipe?!

  • 11 Episodes
  • 4+ Hours of Content
  • For The Rising Professional


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