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The Ultimate Photo Storytelling Workshop

Finn Beales

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The Ultimate Photo Storytelling Workshop

Finn Beales

Our newest workshop is designed to breathe life into your photography career. Chris Burkard teaches how to build a team, work with agents and producers, and how to raise your prices so you can actually make a living. We can't wait to it share with you!

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Finn has spent years creating story-driven images for clients across the globe including Apple, Burberry, and Google. In this workshop, learn how to shape an impactful narrative and create work that stands out.

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San Francisco, CA
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The Ultimate Photo Storytelling Workshop
Finn has spent years creating story-driven images for clients across the globe including Apple, Burberry, and Google. In this workshop, learn how to shape an impactful narrative and create work that stands out.
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37 Episodes outlining a Land Rover commercial shoot


How To Create A Story Through Your Photography

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Finn Beales
Finn is an award-winning travel, lifestyle and commercial photographer based in the United Kingdom where he lives with his wife and two children. Attracted by his cinematic style and the narrative he weaves throughout his work, Finn shoots for the likes of Apple, Land Rover, Omega, Cartier and a variety of other global brands.
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Students give our workshops an
average of 4.8 out of 5 stars

I was expecting a bit more for my money
Brittany App
This is so hard. I really prefer not to leave negative reviews, but I after putting money down on this course, and watching it all the way though, I was disappointed. I've been a full-time professional photographer for almost 20 years. I love and respect Chris's work, and really admire him as a human being. He's a true inspiration. Because of all that, I hopped on this course right away, in hopes that there would be some valuable tools to add to my toolbox (especially during a time when my paid photography work has all-but-vanished due to the Pandemic). But the course felt quickly-put-together, a bit disorganized, repetitive, lacking in BTS-content, and I guess most importantly, I just didn't learn much. Perhaps the course would be better suited to brand new photographers. Perhaps I didn't understand that going into it. I apologize to Chris and his team for leaving a negative review, but the course, for me, felt like a poor investment of my money and time. I hope this feedback is helpful in some way. Sending love to you all out there.
So much incredible info.
Danny Skilton
It's insane how much knowledge is packed into this one workshop. Shoutout to Chris for making all this info available. I'm super excited to start locking down a game plan for the next few years regarding my photography business.
How to tell a story with images
I’ve bought some workshop here, but just let me say that this is the best for me. I was searching for something that fit my way to live the photography, a way to emphasize my skill without the necessity to travel the world to say something. Finn opened my mind with simple topics, a proper way to see photography. I’ve learned how to tell a story, now it’s up to me to build my own story. Thank you a lot Finn and Alex for this possibility!
Worth More
Anne Drinkwater
This workshop is worth more than I what they charge. Finn is a great teacher. It is a case study which makes it easy to understand because there are real examples. It certainly changed my work for the better. I got my first client and they were thrilled that I did more than they expected because I was able to create stories. All thanks to Finn’s workshop.
Inspiring and full of value
Benjamin Leach
Having already spent quite a significant amount on a photography degree, I was initially hesitant to fork out for a workshop. I have been following Finn for a number of years, and eventually I bit the bullet and purchased the workshop. I regret not purchasing it sooner! The workshop was really inspiring for me, and being able to tap into the combined knowledge of Finn and Alex is really valuable. I have taken away lots of little areas that I can improve on, which I can now use to development both my creativity and my business. Thank you, Alex and Finn!
7 stars out of 5!
If you know the language, it doesn't mean that you can write a book; it doesn't make you a good storyteller. Same with photography! If you are ready for the next step - this workshop is for you! This masterclass is about MAKING pictures instead of TAKING them. Finn enlighted the most challenging part of creating his shots - storytelling. Everything is explained in real-life examples, technics, and recommendations. This is the most valuable workshop I've ever attended, and I will definitely watch it again.
One of the finest workshop
Ankit Mahato
Since the day Alex released the trailer of the workshop, I was captivated with it but due to the lack of time and some monitory issues, I could not purchase the workshop right away. Since the outbreak of this virus, I have had time to go through the workshop and I absolutely love it. A story must have a beginning, mid part and an end and keep it simple with are some to the lessons that would be embedded in my head the next time I go out for a shoot. The cutaway shots and the 50mm stitch are some of the simple nuances of the enlightening series.
This workshop changed my entire attitude from 'there is so much competition out there' to 'there are so many stories I want to tell and I know how'. I could always see and think of stories, but I wasn't as prepared when the magic moment unfolded in front of me. It is a very practical workshop with real examples, and helped me improve both technically and theoretically, and to start making pictures the way I had them in my mind. Lots of parts that I revisit, the pre-production and the editing, to prepare a story and to find your voice, find inspiration at any location. It certainly made me see things differently.

Workshop Curriculum


Series Introduction

Welcome to this new workshop highlighting the working practices of Finn Beales.


Introducing Finn Beales

Finn works with some of the world's most demanding brands who are attracted by his cinematic style and the narrative he weaves throughout his work.


Q&A Coffee With Finn & Alex

Have coffee with Alex and Finn and learn about how they met and why they're making this workshop together.


Welcome to the Workshop

Finn introduces the format for this workshop and goes over the reasons why it's important to include story in your work.



Take a look at the gear Finn has brought on this shoot: cameras, lenses, storage, bags, toolkit, and an H.


What Is A Story?

In this episode Finn deconstructs the essence of a story so you can learn and then apply some methods and techniques to improve your own.


Essence: Location

Finn discusses the importance of location, which includes supporting details and props and the impact it can have on your story.


Essence: Character

Finn shows how you can use characters to drive events in your story by identifying their desires, the importance of credibility and also how he likes to work with models.


Essence: Events

In this episode, Finn teaches you how to use obstacles to build events, crafting a journey and incorporating product into a story.


Photography As A Medium

Finn talks about generating mood and feeling using your characters, and how to involve your audiences own experiences in your work.



Finn recaps on his steps for building a story from scratch.


The Importance of Shot Type

Finn discusses his key shot types and the qualities each on can bring to a story.


Prepare for Success

Finn explains how he approaches a shoot and manages clients expectations from the onset.


Asking the Right Questions

Finn breaks down his approach for responding to prospective enquires and gives you a list of questions you can put to clients to help you price and produce a shoot.


Identifying Your Locations

Finn explains how he uses 3 criteria to identify locations and how you should keep a story at the heart of everything you do.


Treatments & Moodboards

In this episode Finn walks you through the treatment he has developed for this workshop and also the moodboard he will use to ensure everyone involved is on the same page.


Creating A Call Sheet & Shot List

Finn walks you through an example call sheet and creative brief he made for a job he shot last year.


Meeting Your Subjects

In this episode Finn talks about the steps he takes before he meets with someone he is due to photograph, steps that will help him capture natural portraits.


The Board Room

Finn shoots the first part of his story in Dan Costa's board shaping room. He walks you through his thought process when capturing a person at work and the shot types he's looking for.


Location Recce

Follow Finn and the rest of the crew as they conduct a location scout ahead of sunset.


The Roadtrip

In this episode Finn shoots the transitional elements for his story involving the Land Rover and the surrounding landscape.


Surf Day

Follow Finn as he shoots the culmination of his story at the beach as Dan prepares for a sunset surf session.


Shooting Technique 1: 50 & Stitch

Finn breaks down one of the key techniques he uses when working with a 50mm lens.


Shooting Technique 2: Tracking Shot

Finn breaks down the process associated with shooting from car to car so he can generate a sense of movemen


Alex Shoot Day

Watch Alex shoot for the same client but produce different results.


Introduction to Editing

Finn explains his approach to editing, filter Lightroom catalogues to speed up workflow and also grading images using presets and Photoshop plugins.


Making Selects

Finn gives you an insight into his digital post-production process, and shares the system he has developed for filtering image catalogues to help him easily locate files.


Grading in Lightroom

Finn's editing process in Adobe Lightroom: Basic Adjustments, Tone curve, HSL Panel, Split Toning Sharpening, Camera Calibration, Gradient & Radial filters.


Analog Film Elements

A step-by-step approach to adding inconsistencies like film grain and light leak effects into a digital file to give your image a nostalgic feeling.


Building the Story

Finn walks you through the story he has creating using the images from his shoot and explains his thinking behind the images he has chosen.


Using Squarespace

Finn shows you how he builds his photo stories using Squarespace and also the settings he uses when exporting from Lightroom.


Q&A: Editing with Alex and Finn

Learn how Finn approaches editing, grading, color theory, and developing a style for you photography.


Q&A: Pricing Your Work

In this episode Finn and Alex discuss the tricky topic of pricing your photography and give you examples and advice to help you value your work.


Q&A: Shooting

Alex asks Finn about his processes to shed some light on why he approached this shoot in the way he did.


Q&A: Photography Today

Alex and Finn discuss the photographic industry, creative fields in general, and how it pays to adopt new technology.


Q&A: Stuff That Alex is Curious About

Finn discusses his back story, what drives him to make photos, and how living in a remote place informs his approach to life and his photography.

  • 37 Episodes
  • Over 6hrs of Content
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