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Adventure Photography Pro

Alex shares actionable guidance from years of working as a professional photographer. Learn what it takes to make iconic work.

The Summer Photography Workshop

Be ready to tackle the best season to make photos outside with the ultimate how-to by Alex Strohl.

The Andrew Kearns Pack




Mastering Lightroom & Photoshop Fundamentals

Get the editing results with in-depth knowledge you need to control the contrast and color and create distinct images.

Shooting for Brands

Andrew shares his experience and provides proven tactics to pitch, secure and execute commercial shoots.

Business - David Johnston

David Johnston
I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical about this course. I knew Chris Burkard’s story, and I have been a professional photographer for a couple of years making a good stream of income. How much more could I really learn? Apparently a lot. After watching the entire course I had so many new ideas about how to improve my photography business, when I expand, and even thoughts on getting representation. This course is beneficial if you’re brand new to photography and want to start a business, or if you need some new business ideas after you feel like things are a little stale. 5 stars all the way.

Storytelling - Alessandro

I’ve bought some workshop here, but just let me say that this is the best for me. I was searching for something that fit my way to live the photography, a way to emphasize my skill without the necessity to travel the world to say something. Finn opened my mind with simple topics, a proper way to see photography. I’ve learned how to tell a story, now it’s up to me to build my own story. Thank you a lot Finn and Alex for this possibility!

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The Business of Photography

Looking to grow a meaningful photography business? Join Chris Burkard as he shares over a decade of experience on where to invest your time and energy. Whether you are a curious hobbyist or skilled entrepreneur, this course provides actionable steps to breathe life into your photography business.

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Adventure Photography Pro

This workshop is everything but ordinary. Alex shares actionable guidance from years of working as a professional photographer. Learn what it takes to make iconic work.

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