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2-for-1 Workshop Packs
Get two workshops for the price of one (or less). We’ve packaged together our best-selling workshops from Andrew Kearns and Alex Strohl for you to enjoy.
The Andrew Kearns Pack
Mastering Lightroom & Photoshop Fundamentals
Get the editing results with in-depth knowledge you need to control the contrast and color and create distinct images.
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Shooting for Brands
Andrew shares his experience and provides proven tactics to pitch, secure and execute commercial shoots.
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The Alex Strohl Pack
Adventure Photography PRO
Alex shares actionable guidance from years of working as a professional photographer. Learn what it takes to make iconic work.
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The Method to a Successful (and Fulfilling) Photography Career
The proven method for photographers to achieve their full potential.  It is a no-nonsense, honest overview of the routines, systems, beliefs and strategies that have become the foundation of Alex's professional and personal success.
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